We are here to support our customers. Whether it is a new system requirement or to upgrade or improve the reliability and  quality of an existing network, or technical resources to augment or supplement your teams with Subject  Matter Experts, in  development or operations or services in RAN or core or IT, you can depend on us for support

IKYA  has been engaged in providing end-to-end solutions for 5G in many parts of the circle in India. We  also provide end-to-end deployments of 5G networks, both RAN and core services in India.

In addition, we can also provide Managed Services competence for 5G.

In summary, we provide services and competent resources to meet the needs of our clients. Our  customers are our most important priority and their success is ours. No requirement is big or small for us  and we will make every effort to meet the needs of our customers

Network Planning  & Optimization

•Spectrum & CWDrive  Test

•RF & MW Designand Planning

•RF & LOS Survey

•Site Audit


•Cluster Optimization

•KPI Management

•IBS Walk Test

•Small Cell Testing

•Multi technology  Benchmarking Drive

•Remote Post  Processing & Analysis

Network  Implementation:-

•RFI Survey

•Installation, commissioning and testing of  2G, 3G, LTE, 5G sites and their core  equipment

•E-node Binstallation

•Installation, Commissioning and alignment  of Microwave hops.

•RF & MWAntenna  Installation

•Integration & Commissioning


•Final AT

•EMF Survey

•EMF Broadband & Narrowband Testing

•Infra building for OFC & Tower